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How Does The Opaque Film Work?


Magic Light is a liquid-crystal stratified film which changes its visual appearance depending on the application of a power supply. A light pressure on a switch or on a remote control unit turns the opaque glass to transparent.

This optical liquid-crystal film is integrated (or not) to the glass and changes its visual appearance when an electrical current is activated. After many years of research and testing, we have succeeded in developing this new process.

Easy Installation

The film can be easily applied to any type of existing glass panel – or provided by us – using a special optical glue. It can also be inserted between two tailored glass surfaces, or ready to install; And thus allows to create spaces of discretion, both private and professional, or to set up arrangements of modern spaces.

Once properly distributed, the glue should be treated by using a UV lamp for a perfect adhesion of the film to the surface of the glass. The edge of the film has an electrical contact strip which transforms the film from the “transparent” state to the “opaque” or “frosted” state by simply pressing the switching button.

High-End Technology

The change of state is produced by a difference in polarity between the two conductive layers.

This transformation is carried out by electrical stimulation via supply contacts (3) crimped between the conductive layer (2) and the protective film (1). The electrical stimulation is being produced by one or more transformers controllable by manual or remotely controlled switch.

The power supply transformer(s) can be installed in a drywall, a dubbing or a false ceiling, the electrical inlet being able to be offset at will, according to the applicable standards.

The two film feed contacts can be welded in the factory to the location of your choice on one of the side panels or the top of the glass surface.

The possibility of the transformer offset, up to 20m, allows you an installation without visible cables. Since the electrical contact area is visible, we recommend the installation of a 10mm covering frame.

Note: this is a liquid crystal polymer that has been specifically developed for applications in different areas and should not be confused with a standard black-out glass. The Magic Light film is delivered to the size desired by the customer. The maximum size of a single panel is 1.8m x 3m. For the upper surfaces, several panels can be connected, creating a uniform exposure.

The Layers

The Different Layers of Magic Light

The Layers

The different layers of Magic Light

 Adhesive Film

un exemple d'un film adhésif

1 Sided Laminated Film

2 Sided Laminated Film

The Film and The Transformer

Any Size of Magic Light Will be Powered by a 65V AC Transformer

The Film and The Transformer

Any Size of Magic Light Will be Powered by a 65V AC Transformer


Internal windows – External windows – Room divider- Visual insulation – Sight break – Living space – showcases – offices – shops – shopping centers – airports – stations – casinos, bars and clubs – sports and leisure centers – bathrooms – toilets – exhibitions – museums – banks.

Composition and Package